Switch your default playback devices and/or recording devices using simple hotkeys.

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To start using it, simply use the default hotkey: CTRL + ALT + F11.
You can also Double Click on the Systray Icon.


To mute your microphone use:
You can change it later in the settings, in the recording tab.

Speeds up

No more navigating through several menus and screens. Just configure SoundSwitch once - and you are able to switch between your devices as fast as never before!

Configure it to match your needs!


Comes in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese. More translation to come. If you want SoundSwitch in your language, don't hesitate to contribute to the Weblate Project.

A simple way to manage your audio devices
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Recording Devices

SoundSwitch can also take care of your recording devices. You can set specifics hotkeys as for the playback devices.


SoundSwitch provides five types of notification when a device was changed.

  • Banner

    Uses a custom always-on-top frame, useful for in-game usage. This is the recommended default display style.

  • Windows Notification

    Uses the balloon tip of Windows. In the case of Windows 7, it's the little balloon that opens next to the systray icon. For Windows 10, it's the notification system that slides from the right corner of the screen.

  • Sound Notification

    This notification is a sound played on the switched device. This way when you are switching devices, the new device will 'chime' to tell you it's selected.

  • Customized Sound Notification

    The same as a Sound Notification but you can specify the sound which is played.

If you want to return to a silent Toast Notification, open the file selector, and just do Cancel. Doing that will remove the set sound.

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